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Transformational Leadership 


Important: By responding to this test, you have shown your willingness to participate in the test, its outcome, interpretation, and usage for your feedback. Your honest response would be valuable for your own learning as well as that of the learning of your group.


Instructions: The responses to this psychological test are based on your perception/ experience with any group of people, individuals or new people that you are with, in your work circumstance, however long or short may the experience have been. You need to deal with ALL 48 questions, reflect upon an experience and state your response. Along with each of the following items, please mark the letter that corresponds to your degree of agreement/ disagreement with that statement. The scoring is simple and easy. On the sheet here in the last blank column, MARK your response for each item "Strongly Disagree”, “Agree”, "Disagree", “Strongly Disagree” etc.


SD = strongly disagree               D = disagree            A = agree            SA = strongly agree


1.          I feel that no matter what I might do, people would understand and accept me.


2.          I feel that there are large areas of me that I don't share with people around me.


3.   I assert myself with people around me.



4.          I seldom seek help from people around me.



5.          Members of the group I belong to trust each other very much.



6.          Members of this group I belong are not really interested in what others have to say.


7.          People around me exert no pressures on group members to do what they should be doing.


8.          Everyone does his own thing with little thought for others.


9.          I trust the people around me completely.



10.       I am afraid that if I showed my real innermost thoughts to people around me, people would be shocked.


11.       With people, I feel free to do what I want to do.



12.       I often feel that I am a minority with people around me.



13.       People seem to know who they are; they have a real sense of being individuals.


14.       People around me are very careful to express only relevant ideas about the group's task or goal.


15.       The goals of people around me are clear to everyone in the group.



16.       People around me find it difficult to get together and do something it has decided to do.


17.       When I am in people around me, I feel very good about myself as a person.



18.       If I have negative feelings with people around me, I do not express them easily.


19.       It is easy for me to take risks people around me.



20.       I often go along with people around me simply because I feel a sense of obligation to it.


21.       People around me seem to care very much for each other as individuals.



22.       People around me often express different feelings and opinions outside the group than they express inside.


23.       People around me really let other people be where they are and who they are.



24.       People around me like to lead or to be led, rather than to work together with others as equals.


25.       I feel like a unique person with people around me.



26.       I would feel very vulnerable if I told people around me my most secret and private feelings and opinions.


27.       People around me feel that my personal growth is important.



28.       I don't often feel like cooperating with other people around me.



29.       People around me have a high opinion of my contributions to the group.



30.       People around me are afraid to be open and honest with the group.


31.       When decisions are being made, people around me quickly express what they want.



32.       People in this group are individuals and do not work together as members of a team.


33.       I am an important member of people around me.



34.       My ideas and opinions are distorted by people around me.



35.       My goals are like the goals of the total group of people around me.



36.       People around me seldom give me help on the things that really matter to me.


37.       People around me listen to the things I say in this group.



38.       In here, if people feel negative, they keep it to themselves.



39.       People around me have a lot of energy that gets directed into whatever we do.



40.       You really need some power if you want to get anything done People around me.


41.       I care very much for the people people around me.



42.       People around me misunderstand me and how I feel.



43.       When we reach a decision about a goal I am usually in complete agreement with the goal.


44.       I have no real sense of belonging with people around me.



45.       People around me treat each person in the group as an important member.



46.       It is easy to express feelings in here if they are positive, but not if they are negative


47.       People around me are growing and changing all the time.



48.       We need a lot of controls in here to keep the group on track.





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