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The Intellectual Company - Beyond Wisdom - By Ganesh Shermon

The Intellectual Company - Beyond Wisdom - By Ganesh Shermon

SKU: ISBN 978-1-365-60811-7

Intellect Rules! Digital Organizations are ruled by "smart" - machines, people and clients. At the base-line of such smart organizations are the leaders, managers, and keepers of intellect. The core of an enterprise who demonstrate their unique contribution through intellectual contribution. Those that go beyond the realm of basic intelligence, creativity. but that which transcends into integrated thinking, invigorated themes - Discover the Intellectual Company as that which is in our midst but that which is powered by the human mind where rules and programs are customized to attract, retain and lead smart people. Where people determine what works and what would not. Where leaders listen to people to get things done for their clients, customers, vendors or stakeholders.



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