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MODULE 00 - Advisory Channels - People Services

Advisory Channels – The art of bringing people together digitally.

1. Cloud Hosting – Secure Server – Managed through a third party

2. About Us, Vision, Mission, Values

About Us

Advisory Channels is a Business Advisory Organization focusing on enabling, building, nurturing talent to build organizational performance, profitability and success.

Advisory Channels is led by an enviable pedigree of visionary management, supported by a pioneering HR technology team and driven by a vigorous customer service value.

Advisory Channels offers organizations an enhanced approach to buying and implementing HR technology. We start with a choice, and work with them to compare, appraise, and implement the solution that best fits their needs. We do what is right for the customer.


Adding Value.


· Build Talent for World-class organizations

· Nurture enterprises to scale with HR Technologies and Solutions

· Enable organizations to realize human capital value

· Fulfill customer goals to enhance stakeholder contribution

· Engage Customers

· Energize People to Stretch Beyond

· Make the World a Better Place to Live


“Excellence”, “Customer Service”, “Innovation”, “People”, “Possibilities”

3. The art of bringing people together digitally


4. Advisory Channels Talent Management System

Advisory Channels Talent Management System is a Cloud based HR System for businesses seeking a One STOP – SINGLE SIGN ON all-in-one Talent Management Solution.

MOBILE optimized; CLOUD enabled, ANALYTICS driven, SOCIALLY networked, ROBOTIC friendly, AI compatible with popular browsers, hosting options & mobile devices.

With Advisory Channels Talent Management System; gain complete visibility into your global workforce & create a strong foundation to address all your organization needs.

Advisory Channels Talent sets HR professionals free from data management to be more efficient, more effective, and more human.

ü Track and Monitor Performance, Learning, and Development

ü Instantly track employee skills, competencies, and accomplishments

ü See where your teams excel, target your recruiting efforts, and plan for succession

ü Know where your top performers are recruited from.

ü Monitor and stimulate employee performance and growth

ü Examine your talent to see who should be trained for leadership

ü Use predictive and historical data to track retention risks and act before it’s too late.

ü Align individual goals to corporate objectives

ü Link pay to performance

Advisory Channels Talent offers comprehensive HR Solutions like:

Solution 1 - Workforce Planning

Forecast, deploy, track and manage your labor with Advisory Channels Workforce Planning. It helps ensure you have the right people with the right skills so you can execute your business strategy successfully.

Advisory Channels Workforce Planning brings multiple data sources together so that your planners are armed with the information they need to make the best planning decisions. Co-planning also ensures that your planners can get critical input from others

Advisory Channels Workforce Planning has the following features:

- Reduce overstaffing and understaffing

- Increase customer service, and reduce cost

- Headcount Planning at all levels in Organization

- Quickly create efficient staff schedules

- Headcount Planning

- View corporate budgets and operational targets during the planning process

- Gain visibility into hiring and development needs

Solution 2 - Resourcing

Easily source, recruit, develop and retain your top talent by automating & streamlining the hiring process for even the most complex organizations. Advisory Channels Resourcing CLOUD enables companies to create a more intelligent recruitment strategy using multi-tiered selection & assessment to ensure that only the finest candidate applications make it to the recruiter’s desk.

With Advisory Channels Resourcing you can streamline hiring; right from mobile apply to interview scheduling to online offer letters; and, with mobile tools to get jobs posted to approving offers, it is simple to hire the right talent.

Advisory Channels Resourcing has the following features:

- Gain insight into your current talent and who you need to hire

- Bring talent and recruiting together to understand hiring effectiveness

- Make better compensation decisions with a single system.

- Identify bottlenecks in your recruiting process and drill into the causes

- Engage and nurture talent

- Seamless integration with third-party suppliers of your choice

- Campus ,Event & Skill based Recruiting

- Multi-channel sourcing

- Recommendations for Transfer, Promotion, Deputation

- Interview, Offer & Selection Management

- Candidate profile matching engine

- Candidate Competency Assessment

- Applicant Tracking & Job Requisition Management

- Candidate profile matching engine

Solution 3 - Performance

Advisory Channels Performance enables organizations to set, track & manage individual & organizational goals; closely aligning them with the Talent Management Process; Continuous feedback helps employees improve and succeed with ongoing feedback and coaching.

Advisory Channels Performance includes the following features:

- Qualitative role based appraisals

- Cross functional appraisal

- Helps create aligned, high performing teams

- Goal Management

- 360 Degree Feedback

- Create Competency Profiles – Held, Required & Aspirational Competencies

- Create Reports – Competency Dashboards, Competency Gap Analysis

- Offline evaluations & Continuous feedback - Help employees improve and succeed with ongoing feedback and coaching.

Solution 4 - Learning

Providing employee training is not enough to meet organizational goals. Training has to be relevant to the employee & company goals as well as easy & engaging for the end user. Advisory Channels Learning makes personalized learning recommendations based on an employee’s attributes. Advisory Channels Learning provides modern learning experience for an employee that is agile, social & personalized for business to maximize talent & drive performance.

Advisory Channels Learning includes the following Key Features:

- Competency based framework

- Course Recommendations

- Role Based Curriculum

- Social learning

- Course specific assessments

- Assessment of competencies achieved post learning

- Learning Management Systems (LMS) – helps develop a skilled workforce by delivering modern, prescriptive and mobile-ready training to every employee

- Help employees share their expertise so colleagues can learn from their peers

Solution 5 - Rewards

Manage a wide range of compensation programs including salary, merit increases, market adjustments, lump sum payments, bonuses, allowances and other discretionary pay components with Advisory Channels Rewards. It also helps Manage job changes, ad hoc promotions, and more during compensation review. With Advisory Channels Rewards you can access contextual analytics when you need them to make better pay decisions.

With Advisory Channels Rewards you can specify compensation components (base pay, bonuses, allowances, and so on) to measure total pay.

Advisory Channels Rewards helps align employee awards with business objectives and results; it ensures your organization is paying for performance.

Advisory Channels Rewards makes it easy to manage job changes, ad hoc promotions, and more during compensation review.

Solution 6 - Organization and Management

Advisory Channels Organization & Management helps you:

- Analyze Workforce & Organizational performance; Financial & Workforce Trends.

- Headcount Plan to Pipeline

- Competency Catalogue

- Workforce Data (Personal Data of the entire workforce)

- Employees can update & maintain personal & bank details

- Manage Claims, Reimbursements, LTA, etc.

- Query management tool and employees can raise requests based on criticality.

Solution 7 - Time & Absence

Empower employees to manage their time-related information with greater ease on their device of choice. In turn, managers can access their team members’ time-tracking information and quickly approve time-off requests.

- View current & projected absence balances

- Submit absence requests for approval and view status

- Configure absence accrual and consumption functionality, including a rules engine to compute the most complex accrual and consumption logic.

- Improve employee productivity by streamlining time-consuming processes.

- Automate time and attendance in a single repository.

- Manage rules for reporting, managing, or processing time globally

- Reduce infrastructure costs by consolidating disparate legacy and home-grown systems.

- Improve employee productivity by streamlining time-consuming processes.

Solution 8 - Career & Succession

Advisory Channels Career & Succession provides employees & managers tools to map employee’s future development.

- Build strong internal talent pools - Capture valuable talent information to better understand talent readiness and promotability.

- Proactive career development helps design visual career paths and targeted development plans for high performers

- Mitigate talent risk - Identify top performers who are flight risks and take appropriate action to retain them

- Succession Calibration - Evaluate talent across teams and on multiple dimensions to ensure consistency

- Promotion Recommendation.

- Find and assess potential successors

Solution 9 - Connecting Voice/Engagement

Advisory Channels Connecting Voice/Engagement assists to Measure Engagement Levels – yearly staff surveys administered by an app by tapping in the mood of the workforce. Here, employees will typically touch icons such as a smiley, sad or angry face, colored buttons or a slider to indicate how they are feeling. This technology also provides analytical and reporting tools.

- Create New Surveys & Templates & Integrating your existing Survey & Templates

- Participants Selection

- Manage Response

- Survey can be launched on Email & Web

- Receive Notifications & Reminders

- Survey Analysis

- Survey Reports

A distinctive feature of Advisory Channels Connecting Voice/Engagement is Social recognition and engagement platforms which provide a vehicle to ‘spread the good news’ of employee success to peers as well as managers. Crowd-sourcing, gamification, messaging and familiar social networking tools are all used to nominate and recognize the achievements of others.

Solution 10 - Health

With Advisory Channels Health you can

- Maintain Employee Health Records

- Manage Employee Fitness initiatives

- Manage Fitness Blogs, Forums & Discussions

Solution 11 - Reports & Analytics

Business and HR leaders need access to compelling metrics and reporting of critical talent management data. With Advisory Channels Reports & Analytics you can

- Automatically generate statutory Reports

- Customize reports

- Analyze Employee turnover and retention information

- Separation Insights by length of service, by reasons

- Analyze Joining and separation trends

- Get Hiring Insights, Talent Insights

- Employee pay/labor distribution details

- Analyze Loan & recovery statements

Solution 12 - Pay Roll Management to Exit Management

Advisory Channels Pay Roll Management to Exit Management is a CLOUD based feature which can be integrated with Swipe Card / Biometric devices. It provides:

- Quick & error free Pay Roll processing

- Benefits Administration

- Create Pay Structures

- Access a global picture of compensation using internal and external data.

- Full & Final Settlement Process

- Income Tax Calculations

- Online Approvals for quick claims settlement

- Direct Upload to Govt Sites

- Centralized system for employees from different locations

- Automatically generates all your necessary statutory reports while you process your payroll.

- Flexibility to add multiple statutory groups and modify contribution details based on your requirement.

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