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The tire industry is a highly competitive and dynamic market that requires constant innovation, quality, and customer service. The industry is also facing various challenges such as environmental regulations, price wars, supply chain disruptions, and changing customer preferences. To succeed in this industry, managers need to develop assertiveness, confidence, and courage to communicate effectively, make decisions, and take risks.




You are a senior professional at Pinto Global TireCo, a leading tire manufacturer and distributor. You are responsible for overseeing the production, sales, and distribution of tires for various segments such as passenger cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, and off-road vehicles. You have a team of 10 direct reports who manage different functions such as manufacturing, planning, logistics, warehouse, distribution, research, technology, quality assurance, shop floor supervision, and human resources.




You are currently working on a new product line that is a range of smart tires that can monitor and adjust their pressure, temperature, tread wear, and traction based on the road conditions and driver preferences. They can also communicate with other smart devices such as smartphones, cars, or traffic systems. They are designed to be safe, efficient, and convenient for the customers.


You have been working on this project for six months and you are about to launch the pilot batch of 10,000 units for each product category by the end of this month. You have invested a lot of time, money, and resources in this project, and you are confident that it will be a success.




However, you are also facing some challenges and risks that may affect the outcome of the project. For example:


  1. You have to coordinate with various internal and external stakeholders such as suppliers, vendors, carriers, customers, regulators, etc. who may have different expectations or interests.

  2. You have to deal with uncertainty and variability in the demand and supply factors that may create gaps or surpluses in your inventory.

  3. You have to handle complex and uncertain logistics environment that may cause delays, disruptions, or damages in your transportation and delivery.

  4. You have to manage the quality and performance of your products that may be affected by factors such as defects, malfunctions, feedback, or recalls.

  5. You have to cope with the competition from other companies that may offer similar or better products at lower prices or with more features.


1.    As a senior professional what would you do now to “Build Your Organization And Deal With Your Challenges”?

Can you “Build a Comprehensive Solution Business Solution” for Pinto Global Tires.

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