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Competency Dictionary Concept By Ganesh Shermon

Competency Dictionary Concept By Ganesh Shermon

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Concept - Competency Dictionary - Developed On the basis of behavioral evidence - Threshhold Scales and Expert Panels

Applicability - All Roles

Technique - Competency Mapping and Also used in an Assessment - Development Centers, General Interviews

Time - Between 60 to 240 minutes or an AC - DC time

Complexity - Low to Very High - Depending upon in depth Competency Mapping Technique

Validity - High

Licence - Each Booklet for One Assessor only

Upgrades - Available every 24 months, upon request


Competency Mapping


Competency Mapping is a way of assessing the strengths and weakness of an employee or an organization. It’s about identifying a person’s job skills and strengths in areas like teamwork, leadership, decision-making, etc.


Large organizations may use some form of this technique to understand how to best use each employee or how to combine the strengths of different employees to produce the highest quality work. Individuals may also find this type of assessment can help them prepare for a career change or advance in a specific job field. A capacity that exists in a person that leads to behavior that meets the job demands within parameters of organizational environment, and that, in turn brings about desired results.


Competency continues to a person- related concept that refers to the dimensions of behavior lying behind competent performer whereas competence is work- related concept that refers to areas of work at which the person is competent. Competency frameworks: Define the competency requirements that cover all the key jobs in an organization.


This consists of generic competencies and Competency Maps and describe the different aspects of competent behavior in an occupation against competency dimensions such as strategic capability, resource management and quality whereas Competency profiles: A set of competencies that are required to perform a specified role.


These processes help vertical and horizontal role congruence, ensure non repetitive tasks in two different role, helps build core competencies for each task and Link all the above and position to bring in competitive advantage.

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