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Competency Dictionary Concept By Ganesh Shermon

Competency Dictionary Concept By Ganesh Shermon

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Concept - Competency Dictionary - Developed On the basis of behavioral evidence - Threshhold Scales and Expert Panels

Applicability - All Roles

Technique - Competency Mapping and Also used in an Assessment - Development Centers, General Interviews

Time - Between 60 to 240 minutes or an AC - DC time

Complexity - Low to Very High - Depending upon in depth Competency Mapping Technique

Validity - High

Licence - Each Booklet for One Assessor only

Upgrades - Available every 24 months, upon request


Competency Mapping


Competency Mapping is a way of assessing the strengths and weakness of an employee or an organization. It’s about identifying a person’s job skills and strengths in areas like teamwork, leadership, decision-making, etc.