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Digital Organizations - Leadership Disrupted - By Ganesh Shermon

Digital Organizations - Leadership Disrupted - By Ganesh Shermon

SKU: ISBN 978-1-365-59314-7

Discover the Digital Organization! We think of organizations as an amorphous, large, complex institutions. True, but organizations are also symbols of its people who aspired, nurtured and struggled away to make it work; not to forget its collection of stories, rituals, episodes, values, experiences that can be broadly summarized and called as the culture. And the ethics that their organizations display today and in times to come. Organizations are products of a leader’s imagination. It takes the shape of that dream. And in that dream, good or bad, lies its destiny. Leadership is disrupted owing to digital influences in technology, knowledge, millennial mindset, people attitudes, skills, behaviors, rapid changes in customer needs, speed and agility, flexible structures, dynamic - creative designs, unique people actions (expectations and deliverance), talent issues, business climate, HR programs, work values and business ethics (all displayed as culture) - A Digital Mind Set & all about Leadership.


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