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Digital Organizations - Leadership Disrupted - By Ganesh Shermon

Digital Organizations - Leadership Disrupted - By Ganesh Shermon

SKU: ISBN 978-1-365-59421-2

Organizations Disrupted - Alignment between organizations, culture,and leadership by linking dots in understanding the business of digital organizations while establishing a case for digital intellect. Leaders display behaviors through an understanding and comprehension of their business realities, challenges, and opportunities, manifested in everyday decisions. The book is built on the premise that digital organizations have their leadership disrupted owing to digital influences in technology, people attitudes, behaviors, rapid changes in customer needs, speed, agility, flexible structures, dynamic - creative decisions, unique people actions, business climate, HR programs, work values and business ethics. The book concludes by defining an organizational model, the emergence of a digital culture, the presence of an intellectual company, including digital building blocks, and the intellectual people factor - A Digital Mind Set.


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