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Advisory Channels - Organizational Talent Solutions

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Advisory Channels Talent Solutions

Talent Matters! The success of any organization rests largely on the quality of its people. At Advisory Channels we believe that success through people can only be achieved when the HR and organizational strategies are aligned. Our aim is to help you achieve success through a wide array of solutions like:

360 Degree Learning – Advisory Channels 360

Advisory Channels 360 is a system or process in which employees receive confidential, anonymous performance feedback from colleagues. This typically includes the employee’s manager, peers, vendors, and colleagues, cross functions, virtual teams, outsourced colleagues, super boss and direct reports.

Each individual is subjected to a feedback from Self, Boss, Third Party, Subordinate, Peer, Matrix Boss, Cross Function. The number of people giving feedback for an individual is not limited.

The process measures Leadership, Communication Effectiveness, Process – System Orientation, Strategy Planning, Change Enablement & Management, Analytical Skills, Goal Setting, People Management, Managing Self and Performance Management.

360 Degree Learning can also be a useful development tool for people who are not in a management role.

Organizational Scan Score – Advisory Channels Scan

Effective Scans for Organizational Effectiveness! The Advisory Channels SCAN is ‘an employee evaluation tool to assess the potential of an employee based on objective evaluation of his past performance and personality characteristics. This tool is administered to a panel of reviewers who know the employee intimately and have worked with him.

The Organizational Scan Score Questionnaire provides an assessment of personality and capability based on occupationally relevant factors. It can be used in two ways:

· For e.g., In selection it can be used as part of a selection battery for predicting job performance provided that personality and capability predictors have been established from job analysis and validation research.

· Where such research has not been carried out, the scan zone questionnaire can be used as an enabling tool to help explore the candidate’s suitability.

The Organizational Scan Score Questionnaire was developed to provide an organizational test into the future job performing capabilities and behavior of an employee. It provides a focus on job performing capability traits and behavioral personality traits of an individual.

Business Balanced Score Card – Advisory Channels Score

Metrics, KPIs and Scores! Business Balanced Scorecard approach is to take a holistic view of an organization and co-ordinate MDIs so that efficiencies are experienced by all departments and in a joined-up fashion.

Advisory Channels Score is a management technique designed to provide a view of an organization from both internal and external perspective.

The Business Balanced Scorecard (BBSC) has the following features:

· BBSC acts as a communication tool that conveys a company’s strategy to all the members of the organization.

· It creates an image of the company’s story in the mind of all internal stakeholders of the company by clearly articulating the sequence of cause & effect relationships.

· It has the predictive ability to tell when a short-term decision is likely to hurt potential growth.

· The BBSC is both functionally & operationally flexible.

An organization can setup its strategy map along with its vision and mission. The entire system is based on this strategy map.

A user can further add aims, objectives for self under different perspectives. A user can assign aims, objectives to others in the hierarchy. The system by itself has a cascading feature wherein aims and objectives of a user are part of the scorecard for others in the hierarchy chain. The system is designed such that a person can view the scorecard of other people in the hierarchy below him/her.

This system has been used so far for performance evaluation of about 5000 people by different organizations.

Organizational Culture Survey – Advisory Channels Culture

Culture and Change! Advisory Channels Culture is a global culture survey; it provides a comprehensive diagnostic of your current culture as well as a detailed understanding of the culture you are aiming for, by examining employees’ perceptions of the organization’s current practices and the values they consider desirable.

The Advisory Channels Culture Survey is customized to evaluate the cultural dynamics that are unique to your organization. These areas usually include (but are not limited to):

• Goals

• Team Work

• Change / Adaptability

• Employee Engagement

• Communication

• Decision Making

• Integrity

• Accountability, etc.

Employee Engagement Pulse – Advisory Channels Pulse

Advisory Channels Pulse is a fast and frequent survey system, that does away with complex questions and is intentionally designed to be done weekly, or every few weeks. They give a quick insight into the health of a company, hence the name ‘pulse’. The Engagement Pulse Survey was designed to understand both team engagement and leader effectiveness through the eyes of team members.

There are many known benefits of employee pulse surveys, mostly found in employee engagement, improved company culture, Increase in employee productivity, enhanced business performance, client/stakeholder satisfaction and the like.

The benefits include:

· Provide motivational insights

· Real Time measurement of Employee Engagement & Satisfaction

· Analysis of improvement over time

· Improves employee relations between Management & Workers

· Encourages Open Communication

· Increases Employee Productivity/Happiness

· Helps un planning future engagement activities

· Helps you assess the Strengths & Weaknesses of your Organization.

Online Assessments Solutions

Advisory Channels offers a completely automated Assessment Center – The tool enables establishing role based competencies, competency clusters, meta & sub competencies, assigning proficiency levels, establishing standards, defining behaviors, using a competency dictionary with over 1000 competencies & behaviors with user friendly templates for assessor evaluation, data entry, scoring, compilation & analysis of scores, gap analysis, integrated with psychometric tests to generate comprehensive reports at a confidential level for the company & at a developmental level for the individual.

This is a web based tool that consists of the following:

- Online Report writing

- Online Simulations

- Online Case Studies

- Online evaluation of the above

- Online Psychometric, Aptitude tests

- Report generation in PDF format

This tool has been very effectively used in administering assessment centers for different clients. The system is able to provide a report immediately after the center is completed making it a very swift tool for managing centers. This system can be managed remotely also with ease, thereby making management of assessment centers very easy.

Online Competency Mapping

Competency Mapping ascertains an individual’s strengths and weaknesses in order to help them better understand themselves and to show them where career development efforts need to be directed.

Advisory Channels offers a powerful Competency Mapping Tool – Very eminently suited for individual development, managerial and development centers, performance gap analysis, personal appreciation of strengths and weaknesses, training interventions, selection techniques and assessment centers. It is of concrete use to assessment Centers and Competency development work where personality measurement is an important consideration for young recruits.

The Competency Mapping Tool has the following modules:

· Competency Mapping

· Competency Profiling

· Customization of Competencies with respect to client

Advisory Channels Application Tracking System

Advisory Channels Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software application that enables the electronic handling of recruitment needs. Advisory Channels ATS can be implemented or accessed online on an enterprise or small business level, depending on the needs of the company.

The principal function of Advisory Channels Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is to provide a central location and database for a company’s recruitment efforts. It is built to better assist management of resumes and applicant information. Data is either collected from internal applications via the ATS front-end, located on the company website or is extracted from applicants on job boards.

Advisory Channels ATS provides advanced Integrations to Leading Job Sites, Social Recruiting and Employee Referral Programs. It is Modern, Flexible, Mobile-Optimized Online Job Applications Integrated, Branded Careers Pages That Put Jobs Front and Center.

The Advisory Channels ATS provides the following benefits:

- Reduces your recruitment related costs

- Using reports to focus on the best performing sources, posting to job boards can reduce use of traditional recruitment agencies

- Reduces administration time; Printing application forms, sending to hiring managers etc.

- Introduce best practice by streamlining your process; every hiring manager can screen, score and process applicants in the same way.

- Reduction on time to hire. Processing candidates can take 50% less time

- Builds a candidate database. After 6-12 months you will have a database of potential employees and have your own talent pool to choose from

- Improve your employer brand. Everything that comes from the ATS will be branded and this improves the candidate experience

Key Features in Brief:

- Allow candidates to apply online via online application form

- Post your jobs online

- Manage your candidate applications

- Screen Candidates & Schedule Interviews

- Analyze data via reporting functions

- Telephone support and on-site training

- Website Integration

- Integration with HR Software

Survey Feedback

In globally competitive environments, organizations are seeking information about obstacles to productivity and satisfaction in the workplace.

The best way to deliver exceptional value in the marketplace is to use knowledge about customers’ wants, needs, and thoughts about your products and concerns to drive product and service innovation. Today, businesses have many options to communicate with their customers and create strong relationships. Increased communication leads to better understanding of customers, improved business decisions and increased customer satisfaction levels

Advisory Channels Survey feedback is a tool that can provide this type of honest feedback to help leaders guide and direct their teams.

Advisory Channels Survey feedback provides a participative approach and enables all members to become actively engaged in managing the work environment.

Advisory Channels Survey Feedback is a well-designed and executed survey feedback that can be instrumental in achieving customer retention, brand loyalty and profitability goals.

Advisory Channels offers a wide range of Survey’s; a few of which are as follows:

- Employee Attitude Surveys

- Employee Opinion Surveys

- Employee Performance Appraisal

- 360 Surveys

- Organizational Assessment Surveys

- Employee Exit Surveys

- Professional Development Surveys

- Employee Benefits Surveys

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